Updating classpath container

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We will use spring-security as a running example throughout this tutorial.If you want to follow along, the first step is to checkout the source code from git: menu.In this post I’ll show how Bundlor can be used in an Eclipse environment.When developing OSGi-based applications, some users don’t want to spend time constantly updating their file reflects actual dependencies expressed by code artifacts in the project and removes the need to manually manage classpath settings in Eclipse.That's it - classpath: a path to a class (or collection of classes).There are some interesting naming conventions having to do with directory structure, but they've been around forever.

It dynamically contribute to the Eclipse Application Model.)* Lein2’s Lein-newnew plugin allows you to create new leiningen projects from "project templates".To find the list of currently available project templates, you can ask clojars for "lein-template" artifacts : https://clojars.org/search?Additionally Bundlor Eclipse can help to cleanly separate runtime dependencies from test dependencies by introducing to specify dependencies of your unit test classes.If Bundlor runs within Eclipse, it will use source code scanning based on Abstract Syntax Trees created with Eclipse JDT to process Java source files.

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