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When I was in college, my friend Tisha discovered she was pregnant her junior year.Downstairs in the girls’ dormitory bathroom at our Christian college, Tisha remembers the pregnancy test indicator show “positive”.The effects of glaucoma range from slight vision loss to total blindness.Although glaucoma treatment cannot restore lost vision, it can help prevent additional vision loss from occurring.For the next five years, she sent JJ cards and packages on his birthday and bought Christmas ornaments for him.Her parents and closest friends would even send Tisha acknowledgements on Mother’s Day. He had transformed Tisha into a mother and introduced her to a depth and capacity to love that she had, up until then, only been on the receiving end of.Following the Bates Motel press tour panel, Vulture caught up with Farmiga, who talked about playing mothers and becoming best friends with co-star Freddie Highmore. It read to me like a really bizarre love letter between a mother and a child. There’s a camera, there’s a crew, there’s a script, there’s fellow actors. I like how everyone’s talking about this show, without talking about how truly frightening it is.

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In November 2013, I wanted to create a teachable moment for my undergraduate students on the permanency of their decisions made online, as well as the consequences of an unintended audience.Norman Bates and his mom were just really, really close, okay? So I kind of had to brace myself before reading it. Every film he referenced I had no idea what he was talking about, and so it was out of embarrassment that I did that. That’s the jumping-off point for A&E’s Bates Motel (premiering March 18 at ten), a sort of prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic Psycho in which mother and son have set up shop in Northern California following the mysterious — and bloody — death of Norman’s dad. But as soon as I did, it obviously became its own thing. To me, it was kind of a queer and wonderful new rendering of maternity as far as exploring what it means to be a mother in its victories and defeats and longing and love and agonies. Marty is amazing, and every film he referenced that I didn’t know, the next morning I would have a Fed Ex package with that film. Cleveland_Clinic_Host: Glaucoma is a condition characterized by degeneration of the optic nerve (the vision nerve) and impaired eyesight caused by increased pressure within the eye.The pressure comes from a buildup of the ‘aqueous humor’, a clear fluid that helps nourish the eye.

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