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As often happens, I received messages asking for explanation. Twenty years ago, I ditched my Catholic high school in upstate New York to study at a Saudi-funded madrassa in Pakistan.

A fresh convert, I jumped at the chance to live at a mosque and study Qur’an all day.

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Just prior to rejoining the cast of All My Children in 1992, Mr.They were deeply conservative; some would call them “intolerant.” In the same learning environment in which I was told that my non-Muslim mother would burn in eternal hellfire, I was also told that I could achieve more good in the world as a scholar than as a soldier, and that I should strive to be more than a body in a ditch.These traditionalists reminded me of Muhammad’s statement that the ink of scholars was holier than the blood of martyrs.In October 1942, during the early stages of the Battle of El Alamein, the Battalion staged an elaborate deception exercise. Knight nevertheless considers himself a Californian. He spent his early years in Ojai in Southern California, where his father was a faculty member at a boys' preparatory school, which he also attended. He is the only one of three sons in his family to pursue acting. He then came to New York for more technical training at the Circle in the Square Theater, graduating in 1982. Knight created the role of Tad in 1983 and was honored with two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Leading Actor in a Drama Series (19).

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