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Emphasize to your teens that you want to be a safe, supportive person they can talk to about their experiences and questions. “I’ve heard that a lot of kids in your class are talking about dating. ” or “What have you heard about dating from teachers, friends, and classmates? Help your teens feel comfortable by normalizing any feelings, questions, concerns, anxieties, and emotional/physical changes. ”) Setting guidelines is vital for teens when they begin dating. Click here for an excellent example of a dating contract for teens.

Listen to what your teens already think and have heard about dating. Other questions create opportunities for discussion, critical thinking, and joint brainstorming (ex. Answer the five W-questions, and have clear expectations before talking to your teens (Who are your children allowed to date? Emphasize to your teens that the reason for these guidelines is to keep them and the people they date safe and comfortable.

This does not rule out the possibility that petroglyph carving occurred between 14.8 and 13.2 ka when Pyramid Lake was relatively shallow and Winnemucca Lake had desiccated.

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