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I choose "Neglected One / Golfer"...* * * * * * *I'm Tim, my wife Paula & I was married about 5 years when this happened. Comment on, discuss, or provide feedback to the author by starting or joining a discussion.

Her cousin was built very similar to my wife except she was about 5’7″ where Christine is 5’2″. ” “Sure, if you promise to not get jealous.” “You know better than that!

Gina was in a pair of leather pants and tank top also with the “girls” up and out for everyone to see followed by high heeled platform shoes. We’ve done enough together for you to know that I will get excited long before I get jealous.” Christine’s response to my question and my anticipation for what she was about to tell me had me hard as a rock, and from here on the events that transpired will be from Christine’s point of view. We ordered our drinks and settled onto a couple of bar stools facing the band.

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