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It didn't matter to Calum that his dad, the son of a Belfast shipyard worker, dazzled the world with his footballing genius with Manchester United. "After a few years of just going nuts, I just realised this is getting me nowhere," he said. I've got a son here that I haven't really paid attention to.' "He would just drink his sorrows by the bottle – which is what most alcohol-dependent people would do. So I think his brain was quite sick with the disease. But he had a serious drink problem and I had to deal with that side of him." Did he ever say to you : 'Don't do as I do'? "We didn't have that kind of relationship." Isn't that kind of odd that he wasn't able to emote that? All you could do with my dad was support him when he needed it." There were crazy stories that would seem apocryphal and made up if Calum hadn't told me himself how true they are. " Does he think his perception of his womanising father shaped his ability, or willingness, to commit to women in relationships? "I have been blessed in many ways, but I am still my own person. The massive thing for me was finding out that there were places that they could go to and people they could talk to. His ashes were interred at Roselawn Cemetery Belfast Telegraph By Carl Markham Gareth Bale has been told that he is the future of Real Madrid and head coach Zinedine Zidane has publicly defended his recent form, in news that will come as a blow to Manchester United.

It only mattered that George Best was his dad and he was gone forever. I lost my father." I ask him how he dealt with the loss. It was a tough relationship because I'd show up and say: 'Dad, now's our time. I left George to get on with his s**t." "My mum being a very cool woman has helped get me through things," Calum says. As much as he was George Best the iconic footballer, he was a nightmare." What was he like as George Best the father? Not a day goes past when I don't hear what a legend he was from everybody. The tale about him losing his virginity as a teenager to the flatmate of an ex-girlfriend of his father's is entertaining to read, but such stories must have been psychologically damaging to him in the long term. "I can laugh about it now, but when you think about it in hindsight – you think: 'Jesus, I was 15 years old, I had come over to see my old man, his ex-girlfriend at the time invited me to her house and I lost my virginity to a 35-year-old woman'. So, whatever reasons I have for being with girls and doing this and that are my own reasons." He clams up visibly when I ask him did he have a last conversation with his father before he died. Which I didn't know at the time." He says he hasn't stopped drinking.


Saying that, won't it be hilarious when one of our lumpy-headed paps jump out and starts snapping when they reach the top? Other guests at Harrys Bar included: Rachel Kavanagh, Geraldine O'Callaghan, Lynn Kelly, Mammy & Daddy Moyles, Mr Pussy, John Norton, Dylan Mc Grath, Alannah Mc Gurk, Mickey Joe Harte & wife Louise Harte, Jacqueline Ryan, Maria Creighton, Karen Ingoldsby, Camile Ingoldsby, Jade Yourell, Aisling Burke, and many more... Having the survived the high altitude of fame she's gained since dating Calum Best, Georgia Salpa and her bezzie buddies are going to the top o' the world Maw!

The Toy Show Finally, the most watched show in the country.

A show about toys that adults tune into in their millions to drink, coo at children and say things like, “Ryan is very giddy tonight, isn’t he?

I also have a Master's in Architecture, so anything architecture, sustainable architecture, historic preservation, futuristic architecture, urban design, etc.

Calum Best has lived more than a fair share of his life in the shadows of a painful past. The only people who were letting me onboard were club owners." And bartenders! "I didn't know how to accept that, or take that on board. ' "But as the years went by," he adds, "I figured it out personally: I think with most alcohol-dependent people it would be a case of when the booze goes and their mind goes clear, they realise all the people they've let down, or hurt. "She was here to support me and she made me realise the good things and how I should change. "These issues screwed me up for a while but the point of my story is: you can come out on top. I don't mean in an ego way but a way of actually liking himself. I have still got some anxiety about what people think. but I am happier than I have ever been now," says Calum, moving away from the shadows of his past, finally.

She ran out of the hotel and didn’t have all her clothes on.

Guess Who’s Dead A show in which Fr Dougal explores Irish people’s fascination with death. It starred Lisa Murphy, Virginia Macari and Roz Flanagan, among others.

SÓS In which a group of contestants are sent to the wilds of Connemara and left to fend for themselves.

Calum has a daughter with baby mama model Lorna Hogan — Amelia Lucie Hogan born December 19th 2006 Media/Acting career: Calum Best Calum Best age Calum Best baby mama Calum Best bio Calum Best biography Calum Best birthday Calum Best Brandi Glanville Calum Best daughter Calum Best ethnicity Calum Best ex Calum Best ex girlfriend Calum Best famously single Calum Best father Calum Best Georgia Salpa Calum Best girlfriend Calum Best height Calum Best Lorna Hogan Calum Best model Calum Best mother Calum Best parents George Best son Lindsay Lohan Calum Best Lorna Hogan Calum Best I have an insatiable curiosity about all things related to The Bachelor as well as all things related to real world situations.

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