Windows time not updating xp

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I don’t know about you, but ever since the 2007 change in daylight savings time, my installation of Windows XP has had a difficult time (so to speak) maintaining consistently accurate time.Ever since the change, Windows XP has been randomly resetting its clock (as indicated via the Taskbar) to display time incorrectly.The synchronization settings are under the Internet Time tab.If your Windows 10 Clock Time is wrong, the first thing to do is to find out if your Windows Time services is set on Automatic and Started, else you may see the error message: The Windows time service is not running. In Services Manager, navigate to Windows Time service and double-click on it. If you find that the Windows Time service fails to start with Error 1079, you may want to ensure that the service is being started by the Local System account instead of by the Local Service account (NT AUTHORITY\Local Service). You get an error box: The system cannot find the path specified.Atomic Clock Sync can even help repair the Windows Time Service if your computer is no longer able to check for Internet Time updates as it normally would. Atomic Clock Sync helps keep your local clock accurate and World Time Server has the accurate clocks for everywhere else!

Before we start troubleshooting this issue, it would be a good idea to run the System File Checker.

The most common problems that affect the Windows Time service include the following: Oh!

I just remembered the solution that worked for me back in the day when I was building new computers...

You can add additional time servers: The best you can do is to have a look at this Web site, and select a server close to you.

Note that if you use a firewall, you might have to add the server you use to have access to your computer/network.

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