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Personally, I've only clicked with a few vegan men - my wonderful boyfriend falls into the "veg curious" category. She was inspired by her single vegan girlfriends who said it was impossible to find a plant-based mate, so she set out to prove them wrong. The event was a blast - I had fun even though I wasn't participating (though I warned my boyfriend that I might ditch him for a sexy vegan)!Over 40 people paid the admission, 23 men and 20 women, and the vibe was relaxed and enthusiastic - it didn't seem like anyone was uncomfortable.

Despite having written about single life for more than a decade, I had never dated online in any serious way.Finding others who love planting couldn't be easier.Click 'Who's Online' right now to see just how easy it is to find other singles with a green thumb (or to find singles who wish they had one).Swap tips, compare notes and you just find yourself arranging your first date sooner than you think.Gardening is one of Britain's most popular pastimes and it's a hobby that is accessible to almost anyone whether they have just a few pots and a window box, an allotment, or a large garden that keeps them occupied all the year round.

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