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another idiot came into the NG room on paltalk looking for cyber sex. hirevi: right hirevi: me hirevi: 29 hirevi: u fi you dont mind willpostforfood: cyber = cyber secksorz hirevi: i see hirevi: how old are u ?

when he asked 'what sex r u' in the room i told him female. willpostforfood: im 18 hirevi: right hirevi: have you got webcom willpostforfood: no sir hirevi: thats not good hirevi: i would llike to see you willpostforfood: hirevi: where are you right now hirevi: ?

So if she’s smart enough to google any of the texts she’ll see this.

Her: My fingers would move a little faster in response, then move back up to your cock. Her: On shaky legs, you watch as I swallow and then clean your sensitive and slightly softened cock with my tongue, making you quiver. Her: My fingers trail over my stomach and lower, until they are on my hips, and then down my thighs.hirevi: oh god hirevi: how nice willpostforfood: what are you wearing?hirevi: an underwear and t-shirt on tup willpostforfood: nice hirevi: may i ask you question willpostforfood: sure hirevi: have you got boyfriend willpostforfood: no hirevi: for how long willpostforfood: its been a few weeks hirevi: have you got any relationship diuryg this priod willpostforfood: no hirevi: and it has been a few weeks willpostforfood: 2 actually hirevi: you have not any sex relationship willpostforfood: stop with the questions :[ willpostforfood: to many to many hirevi: ok then hirevi: do what ask me questions willpostforfood: do you have girlfriend?…so you want to be able to have a heart-to-heart, sex-talk with a woman that will lead her to ripping your clothes off and have you giving her a joy-ride in heaven.When I mean “a woman”, I’m referring to somebody who you’re not involved with romantically, like a wife or girlfriend or a woman you’re already had sex with…nope, because that will be easy.

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